Community Assessment Project

A broad consortium of public and private health, education, human service and civic organizations was formed to design and implement this comprehensive annual project.  The five goals of the CAP are to maintain and enchance the quality of life for Santa Cruz residents by:  

  • Raising public awareness of human needs, changing trends, emerging issues and community problems;
  • Providing accurate, credible and valid information on an ongoing basis to human services planners and those providing funds.
  • Providing information for individual institutions to guide decision-making about creation, management, and redesign of programs;
  • Setting Community Goals using measurable quality of life indicators that will lead to positive, healthy development for individuals, families and communities; and
  • Supporting and assisting with the establishment of collaborative action plans to achieve the Community Goals.

For more information on the CAP, including viewing the annual comprehensive report and community heroes, please click here . 

Order your Year 18 comprehensive CAP Report here.