CAP 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 CAP Community Heroes!

Top Row, Left to Right: Kathleen Crocetti, Deidre Hamilton, Pastor James Lapp, Abby Bell, Paulina Moreno
Middle Row, Left to Right: Martina O’Sullivan, Cathy Simmons, Lynne Achtenberg, Valerie Thompson, Ingrid Trejo
Bottom Row, Left to Right:  Victor M. Sosa-Tellez, Ayla Dingman, Mary Gaukel, Magali Arriaga

Not Pictured: Darrie Ganzhorn, Carol Williamson, Margaret Gordon, Angelica Caballero

Photo credit: Paul Schraub
Hardbound copies of this years' 2016 CAP Comprehensive Report will be sold at the United Way Office in Capitola.
To view and download the 2016 CAP Report and past years', visit Applies Survey Research website by clicking here.