Emerging Leaders Circle

The Emerging Leaders Circle is the next generation of great civic and business leaders in Santa Cruz County who want to improve opportunities for youth success, family financial stability and health in our community. This leadership platform allows all participants to create projects and events specific to their interest or skill set with the ultimate goal of creating a positive impact in our community. 

Connect. Serve. Lead.       

Emerging Leaders Circle's Connect. Serve. Lead. model creates positive impacts throughout our community, grows membership and engages community leaders.

  • Connect:
    Network with like-minded professionals also looking to actively engage in our community Sign up to receive reminder about event
  • Serve:     
    Opportunities to volunteer to make a visible and lasting difference in Santa Cruz County
  • Lead:      
    Through partnerships, gain insight of United Way's focus areas with a plan of action to address community needs and gaps of service

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Come together to organize volunteer projects (CONNECT. SERVE. projects) and provide quarterly service throughout Santa Cruz County
  • Grow personally and professionally by networking and attending networking events throughout the year
  • Get involved and educated about the importance of civic engagement, focused on Financial Stability, by becoming involved in advcocy and commitment in action.





Join the group that is empowering the next generation of leaders to create lasting solutions in Santa Cruz County!

Questions or want to be a corporate sponsor of Emerging Leaders Circle? Email Keisha Frost, Marketing Coordinator at 831-465-2205.