Don't Let FREE Tax Prep Pass You By. Make VITA Your Next Stop!

Trainings will start in December 2019.

United Way is excited to partner with Project SCOUT to offer the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in Santa Cruz County. VITA is focused on putting more money into the pockets of working families. IRS-trained volunteers offer FREE Tax Prep for families and individuals who earned less than $56,000 in 2019! Our goal is to make sure you get your FULL refund, claim all your eligible credits, and learn to use taxes to grow your assets! You can count on VITA to provide the highest quality tax service to families and individuals.

There are TWO ways to file: In Person or Online

In Person: VITA Sites (Starts February 2)


What to bring to the site:



2020 VITA Schedule

Tax Counseling for Elderly (TCE) site; seniors only. In-home appointments are available for those unable to get to sites. Call Project SCOUT  at 831-724-2606 or via email at  

Click Here to download 2019 Free Tax Prep Calendar w/ Santa Cruz County VITA Sites


Online: MyFreeTaxes

Qualified tax preparers are available through their toll-free number to assist taxpayers who are filing online: 1-855-MY-TX-HELP (1-855-698-9435)

  1. The income cap is $66,000 AGI for individuals and families
  2. 80% of filers finish their taxes in less than 1 hour!

  3. “Bring on the complex returns” MyFreeTaxes uses H&R Block’s Premium Software meaning users have access to most state and federal forms.

  4. We have the same guarantees from H&R Block-100% accurate returns, maximum refund, and top of the line security.

  5. MyFreeTaxes is completely mobile-optimized, the taxpayer can file seamlessly between their phone, tablet, or computer. The software includes a refund reveal during the entire filing process so the taxpayer can see any changes throughout the process. A filer can snap a secure picture on their mobile device through the software to upload and auto-fill their tax documents.

  6. The MyFreeTaxes logo will be displayed on the top left corner of every page during the filing process. This helps filers know they are in our product versus H&R Block’s paid software.

  7. Your organization does not need to do VITA to promote MyFreeTaxes, however, if you do run VITA and have a VITA grant, United Way Worldwide partners with the IRS so that every MyFreeTaxes filer in your geography will count towards your VITA goals.

  8. A goal of MyFreeTaxes is to empower the filer and help them gain confidence in their own ability to manage their finances. If a filer is not a regular email user, they may not be a good candidate for MyFreeTaxes

  9. We provide weekly data updates throughout the tax season and break it out by zip, city, county, state, and United Way service area. You CANNOT use this data for promotional efforts.

  10. United Way and H&R Block have offered MyFreeTaxes for 9 years!

VITA/TCE FREE Tax Prep Service