Community Assessment Project

A Spotlight On The Quality Of Life

Spearheaded by United Way of Santa Cruz County, the Community Assessment Project (CAP) is a collaborative effort of nonprofits, businesses, public agencies, and the community working together to improve the quality of life in Santa Cruz County.

2019 Community Assessment Project Press Conference - Download Full Report

  Click HERE to learn how you can get a hard copy of the 2019 CAP Comprehensive Report delivered to you! 

Congratulations 2019 Community Heroes

2019 Community Heroes: Top Row (l to r) - Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Jacob Martinez, Ellen Timberlake, Rosio Sanchez, Monica Martinez,
                                                                       Jamie Cutter, and Tim Carson
                                              Front Row (l to r) - Jen Hastings, MD, Xaloc Cabanes, Areli Monroy, Lejla Bratovic, Daniel Alanis,
                                                                            Jimmy Cook, Noel Bock
Not pictured: Ama Drelevett, Dr. Ann Lopez, Barbie Gomez, Brenda Armstrong, Sr. Michaella Siplak, Walter Barrows

The C.A.P. assesses the quality of life across six subject areas:

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Public Safety
  • Social Environment
  • Natural Environment

How Is C.A.P. Data Being Used? 

  • Goal setting
  • Strategic plan development
  • Expansion planning
  • Grantwriting support
  • Presentation development
  • Local reporting
  • Program planning
  • Product development
  • Single source for many secondary data sources
  • Topic specific profile development
  • Resource tool as a community snapshot
  • Understanding community needs for action
  • Initiative measures, evaluation, and advocacy
  • Community benefit reporting
  • Aligning with Social Determinants of Health
  • Viewing trends over time
  • Tracking disparities among different profiles (ethnicity, income, etc.)
  • Championing causes and raising awareness