Research & Reports / Social Reports

We have developed numerous reports that explore many facets of our work. Often created in partnership with some of the most respected experts in their field, these reports offer actionable insights to help create a thriving Santa Cruz County.

As one of the longest-running community assessments in the county, the Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project provides an in depth look into our community's well being.

Year 20 Community Assessment Project Executive Summary

Year 21 Community Assessment Project Report




All In is the countywide strategic plan to prevent, reduce, and eventually end homelessness.

All In Executive Summary

All In Strategic Plan



   The Go for Health! Action Plan makes a commitment to reduce obesity by 10% by 2020.

   Go For Health Action Plan




Turning The Curve is our countywide strategic plan that offers recommendations on ways to address youth violence and taking success to scale.

Youth Violence Prevention Strategic Plan