UC Santa Cruz United Way Campaign

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Partnering w/ United Way

  • Chancellor Cindy Larive - United Way Board Member
  • Fiona Weigant - United Way Employee Campaign Manager
  • Virginia Rivera - Women In Philanthropy

UCSC and UW Youth C2 Partnership Group

  • 2021 Wallace T. Grant Foundation Institution Challenge Grant Recipients
    -UC Santa Cruz and United Way: Youth-C2 Project 
  • 2022 Spencer Foundation Equity and Research-Practice Partnership Grant Recipients
    -UC Santa Cruz and United Way: Youth-C2 Project


Something happens when people come together, united in a common goal. We create a force for change, bigger and more powerful than any we could create alone


Our programs promote equity, create opportunity, and improve lives and communities. We take on the toughest challenges facing our neighbors and the neighborhoods they call home. Our programs increase access to basic needs: housing, health, employment, and education. 

United Way works to create opportunities for thousands of neighbors in our region. From providing basic needs like food, housing and access to health care, to our response to the pandemic and wildfires, we provide essential services to support our neighbors and community.  

When you direct your donation to support United Way, you become part of the change. Together, we can improve access to education, income and health, and create opportunity for communities to thrive. We thank you for your continued support of your United Way! Should you have any questions regarding the UC Santa Cruz United Way  Campaign, please contact your Employee Campaign Manager, Fiona Weigant - fweigant@ucsc.edu




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