Jóvenes SANOS


To grow powerful skilled young leaders working towards creating a culture of health and a thriving Watsonville community, by increasing access to healthy eating and active living. 



A world of healthy communities deeply rooted in equity and justice.


What Is Jovenes SANOS?

 Jovenes SANOS is a youth advocacy and leadership program based in Watsonville, California. Jovenes SANOS strives to empower, educate, and raise awareness about childhood obesity within the community. The development and implementation of new policies shift the local culture through promising healthy eating and increasing physical activity. Jovenes SANOS works to build an environment that embraces a culture of health by promoting access to affordable and healthy food options. Jovenes SANOS is committed to growing a thriving community based on equity and justice. Click here to see more on Jovenes SANOS youth leading the way in fighting childhood obesity!


  • Healthy Eating
  • Active Living
  • Youth Leadership

Jovenes SANOS Projects

Healthy Corner Markets
Jovenes SANOS establishes and maintains relationships with corner market owners, to incorporate healthy food options. Markets are given a stipend, access to a grocery store consultant, offered marketing material for their store, along with a decal logo to signify to its customers that it is a healthy corner market.

Healthy Restaurants Project
Jovenes SANOS works with local restaurants in Watsonville by supporting and encouraging new and established restaurants to introduce healthier food options. The project provides restaurant owners with a stipend, restaurant consultation, and promotion recognition within the community.


Family Fitness Challenge Day
This annual event allows the entire family to work together in healthy physical activities. It provides families with essential information about health and fitness resources available within the Watsonville community. This event can lead to lifelong lifestyle changes for the entire family.


Get Out Get Fit
This follows the Project Lean's Jump Start Teens curriculum to promote healthy lifestyles: it offers structured fitness classes, nutrition workshops and outdoor field trips. This project is geared toward middle school youth between ages 11-15. It is implemented in the G.H.W.R. Youth Center in Watsonville, serving primarily low-income youth in the community.


Metro Vending Policy
Jovenes SANOS has partnered with Santa Cruz Metro Board to implement 50% healthy food options in vending machines inside employee facilities as well as provide wellness educational information to staff members. The policy also encourages markets and restaurants within metro stations to incorporate healthier food options and participants will receive a healthy metro vendor award.


The SANOS Youth Advocacy and Leadership Curriculum is used to help communities develop powerful, inspired, skilled young leaders who will grow vibrant and thriving communities through environmental and sustainable changes. This will create a culture of health for all. It offers leadership development, youth advocacy, policy development, implementation consultation, youth empowerment and techinical assistance.

This is the ideal place for teens to gather and interact with peers while accessing computers, iPads and other electronic devices to do homework. The cafe will provide healthy and nutritious food for all. This project is in partnership with Digital NEST in Watsonville.

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