United Way Grants $160,000 in Wildfire Relief

Photo Credit: Kara Capaldo

Photo Credit: Kara Capaldo, Boulder Creek Fire Department 

CAPITOLA, CA - October 6, 2020 - In August, United Way of Santa Cruz County launched the United Way Wildfire Relief Fund to support residents impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. Through October 5, we've distributed $160,000 in wildfire relief support and counting! Thank you to all who have contributed and to our community partners on the frontlines. 

The Wildfire Relief Funds support immediate and long-term recovery assistance for residents with initial focus on emergency financial assistance and housing assistance to displaced families and other identified immediate needs. Funding supported the Bonny Doon Community Preschool, Boulder Creek Fire Department, Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey, Davenport Resource Center, Mountain Resource Center, San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, and Valley Churches United Missions. Read our CEO update to learn more. Read More...

You can donate to the United Way Wildfire Fund to support immediate and long-term recovery needs in Santa Cruz County.