Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce


An equitable and united county where all youth are engaged in family, school and community, have a sense of safety and wellbeing, feel they have a voice and are empowered to use it, and are able to access opportunities for successful transition into adulthood.

What Is The Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce (YVPT)?

The Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce, is Santa Cruz County's coalition of over 60 members from many different sectors such as schools, law enforcement, government, youth, community volunteers and program service providers working together to solve the issue of Youth Violence in Santa Cruz County. The YVPT completed the first Santa Cruz County status report on Youth Violence in 2013 and used this data to develop a long term county wide strategic plan. 


The goal of the Youth Violence Prevention Task Force is to reduce youth violence in Santa Cruz County by focusing on ensuring supportive and functioning families, fostering safe and vibrant neighborhoods and promoting positive child and youth development.


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