Women In Philanthropy Members

Founding Members (est. 2005)

Carol Adams
Sally Anderson
Barbara Canfield
Diane Porter Cooley
Judith Cox
Loretta Ferris
Peggy Flynn
Mary Hammer
Susan Mauriello
Becky Peters
Ann Carney Pomper
Pat Rebele
Barbara Sprenger
Bonnie Thurston

Women In Philanthropy Members

  • Martina O'Sullivan, Community Leader - Chair

  • Amy Ivey, Bay Federal Credit Union

  • Barbara Canfield, Seaside Company

  • Bette Harken, Community Leader

  • Betsey Andersen, Community Leader

  • Bonnie Keet Adams, Community Leader

  • Carol Schmidt, Community Leader

  • Carrie Birkhofer, Bay Federal Credit Union

  • Cathy Conway, Hospice of Santa Cruz County

  • Chris Maffia, Santa Cruz County Bank

  • Deborah Salkind, Community Leader

  • Deidre Hamilton, Hamilton Swift Associates

  • Delynn Tannebaum, Community Leader

  • Diane P. Cooley, Community Leader

  • Ginny Solari Mazry, Community Leader

  • Healther Stiles, Raymond James Financial 

  • Jeannine Gibson, Community Leader

  • Judith Cox, Community Leader

  • Julie Haff, Community Leader

  • Karen Semingson, Hutchinson & Bloodgood, LLC

  • Laura McLeod, Community Leader

  • Mary Lou Goeke, Community Leader

  • Michelle Farhner, Dignity Health Domincan Hospital 

  • Michele Pomroy, Community Leader

  • Nanette Mickiewicz, Dignity Health Dominican Hospital 

  • Patrice Keet, Santa Cruz Children's Museum of Discovery

  • Patricia Rebele, Community Leader

  • Patty Winters, Bay Federal Credit Union

  • Peggy Fynn, Community Leader

  • Rachel Wedeen, The Wedeen Hammer Group Morgan Stanley

  • Theresa Carino, Salud y Carino

  • Tiffany Hammer, The Wedeen Hammer Group Morgan Stanley

  • Tonee Picard, Bay Federal Credit Union

  • Virginia Rivera, UC Santa Cruz 

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